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 Posted: Fri Mar 1st, 2013 01:33 am
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Johan Steele-

  When I started this thread, my purpose was to present an article that had as its thesis that people today know virtually nothing about Jefferson Davis, beyond the fact that he was President of the CSA. I happen to agree with that thesis, as the more than half a century of Mr. Davis' life before the Civil War is something that is overlooked, while the life of Mr. Lincoln is extolled (Coming from humble origins, rising to the top position in politics, saving the Union, "freeing the slaves,"etc, etc.).

  I was interested in presenting the facts of Mr. Davis' hisory (Obviously, we also disagree about those: "From about 1856 on"). You have come onto the thread only to attack his character. You say here that he was: Self absorbed," self-aggrandizing," and:" had a penchant for cronyism." On other threads, you have said much worse things, such as throwing the charge of: "Treason" around (Which you now continue to repeat here).

  On another thread, you said something along the line that you couldn't see anything from the Confederate point of view because you couldn't see where the Confederacy was ever right. You also said that while Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Davis were both politicians, you could: "Stomach one," but not the other. Well, I can stomach both. I view both men as interesting historical characters and seek to understand as much as possible where both were coming from. I think that if you want to understand the war and the history of that era, you have to start with a study of the two main characters. Both were convinced that they were right and were steadfast in defense of their causes.

  Presumably, someone taking a similarly unbalanced and incendiary approach to Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Davis, but coming from the opposite direction (An SCV member, perhaps) could say some of the same things about Mr. Lincoln that you say about Mr. Davis. What I can't stomach is such bitter invective aimed at either man. I prefer to try (As much as it is possible a century and a half later) to look objectively at both. Neither is a great hero or a great villain to me. Both had their strengths and their weaknesses.

  I cannot agree that Mr. Davis: "Betrayed his country" any more than any other Confederate did. I get the feeling that there would not have been enough ships in the U.S. Navy to put on each a Confederate that you would have wished to be punished in that manner.

  I have great respect for your expertise in areas such as small arms and artillery of the Civil War area. But I cannot have the same regard for your evaluation of individuals. So, I'm glad that you put your caveat at the end. Our profound disagreement about the character of Mr. Davis will continue.

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