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 Posted: Fri Mar 1st, 2013 01:54 am
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My problem with Davis stems from my reading of the man, his own words are what IMO damn him so readily. His auto-biography, if you will, and his words as SoW (which IMO he may well have been the finest in US history) paint a real man who had real problems. I can over look a lot of personal issues with a politician but I firmly believe he was a political machine w/ a taste for power. He fell into the trap of both trusting his friends to the extreme and favoring them at all costs. He was neither the first to do so & certainly not that last.

As to the charge that I believe all Confederates should have been treated poorly post war is hooey. I have a lot of respect for many a CS officer and even some of their politicians. Hampton, Forrest, Mosby, Longstreet, Johnston, Brown etc & many others were honorable men who did their best post war.

I see Davis as the self made figurehead of the CS, I believe the idea that he didn't want to be President of the CS & that he didn't see it coming as... political spin intended to make him look good. His treason was betraying a nation that had given him much. There are others who also deserve the charge of treason. Men like Wigfal & a particular US then CS general the next morning after he had surrendered his command. Those were the kind of men who betrayed their country.

I can respect a man who resigned his commision then went on to serve honorably in the CS military, but men who did their best to harm their nation from within... not so much.

I believe firmly that Davis was one of that crowd that began seriously looking, planning and prepping for the creation of the CS as early as the 1856 election. I believe that those plans came to fruitition in the 1860 Democratic Convention where the Democratic party was split from w/in in a coordinated plan that allowed a catalyst to be created that would be the excuse they needed for Secession. I consider that treason.

I'm not one of those who believe Davis or anyone else should be dug up & hung. I'm also not one of those hugely proud of US history as something to be looked at and idolized. I'm a realist who see's many a sin in our history as well as the context in which many of those sins were done. While that context doesn't excuse them it helps to better understand them and to realize that as corrupt and messed up as politics are in 2013... that corrupt mess is nothing new.

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