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 Posted: Mon Mar 4th, 2013 09:35 pm
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Sorry it's taken me this long to reply... missed the post TD.

I do believe that if an officer resigns his commision and then heads home to join the enemy he is a man w/ honor. Wheras a man who resigns his commision AFTER he's worked against his nation is an entirely different manner. You hit the nail w/ Twiggs.

There was no doubt that had Fremont won the 1856 election there would have been Secession. But that has been gleamed from my readings on the Fremot campaign when I was trying to learn more about the man. It was about that time when I started coming upon hints & rumblings that 1860 was in the mix as early as 1856.

As to Davis and his postwar writings... I view them as largely political spin done in a effort to make himself look good and about as trustworthy as a... well you get the picture. I do believe that he was in it for the long haul towards the presidency of the US as I do feel strongly that he was an ambitious politician w/ an eye on the most powerul seat in the land. That he so suddenly removed himself from the 1860 Democratic ballot stumped me for quite a while and other readings over the years have led me to believe there was some backroom dealing to get him set as President of the fledgling CS. Davis was a political machine, a friend refers to him as "Bill Clinton w/ morals..." not something I quite agree w/ but upon reflection I can understand that view.

I had an opportunity to spend some time reading on his actions as Sect of War and he really was amazing in that role, accomplishing a LOT w/ almost nothing. To me there is a night and day difference between his political and Sect of War correspondence to the point that it almost seems like 2 different men... but that may just be me. His post war writings were not those of the same man who excedlled as a Sect of War, to me that makes sense as he was rather embittered and experiance had changed him, though I still see the political double speak that made him the politician he was in 1860.

Davis was an extrodinaryly (sp?) charismatic man, a superb speaker w/ a strong voice. Upton, while commandant of West Point, referred to him as a superb Company & Regimental level commander because of his charisma. I defer to Upton in that.

As I grow older I grow more cynical & jaded. I see a LOT of good that has come out of this country and would be quick to idolize the WW2 generation if I didn't believe they also gave us the 1960's generation. The treatment of the black, red & asian peoples by this country are IMO shameful, the tolerance of slavery and other such should make no man proud. But at the same time this country is better on so many levels than so many of her contempories & as disgusted as politicians make me I can think of no other place I'd rather live.

I hope that makes sense... I'm too !@#$% sober.

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