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  By 1854, Sam Houston was a man who had been a U.S. Army officer, and later a U.S. Congressman, the commanding general of a successful army, the governor of two states, the president of an independent republic, and a U.S. senator.

  It was in 1854 that then Senator Houston rose on the Senate floor to give an impassioned presentation expressing his profound opposition to the Kansas-Nebraska Act. In his mind at that time, Senator Houston, who was an ardent Unionist, saw that legislation as a grave threat to the nation. When it became law, he privately predicted that it would lead to a civil war.

  The war, he said, would lead to many thousands marching off, never to return. It would be a long and bloody conflict, and in the end, the south would be defeated and destroyed. The north, he said, would feel that they had achieved a great victory in the war, only to: "Reap a harvest of assassination" afterwards.

Sam Houston Lives On - In Texas Museum

  In 1859, Sam Houston was again elected governor of Texas, where he argued unsuccessfully against the growing sentiment for secession. In 1861, after Texans voted to secede, Governor Houston refused to serve the CSA, and he was removed from office. He died in 1863, so he did not live to see all of his predictions come to pass.

HOUSTON, SAMUEL | The Handbook of Texas Online| Texas State Historical Associa

  Sam Houston had eight children with his third wife. The oldest was Sam Houston, Jr., born in 1843. Against his father's wishes, Sam, Jr. enlisted as a soldier in the 2nd Texas Infantry. Sam, Jr. fought in the Battle of Shiloh in April of 1862. He was declared missing and his parents thought that he was dead. As it turned out, Sam, Jr. was wounded and captured by Union forces. He was imprisoned at Camp Douglas and later exchanged, after which he made his way back to Texas and was reunited with his parents. After the war, he became a physician and a writer.

Sam Houston, Jr (1843 - 1894) - Find A Grave Memorial

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