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 Posted: Mon Apr 22nd, 2013 06:56 pm
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Find out what General Order No. 191, ***** of 1863 of the War Department is. I'm asuming the G.O. is General Order, on both images I have trouble, even blowing things up 400%, reading what's after 191. Think it reads series. But I'm reading both saying that Private Irwin re-enlisted after having served one enlistment term. Note that neither image give the original date he enlisted on. He's mustered out some time in December 1863 (the first clearly says December 27th both for the roll date and the mustered out date). He also appears to re-enliust sometime in December 1863 (look at the second, roll date is December 28th, mustered in date is December 28th, but enlistment date is December 26th) So we have his mustered out of his first enlist in December 1863 and mustered in into his second enlistment at around the same time. Now if I'm able to read the first one correctly it lists his discharge as "Disharged by nature of reenlistment as Vet. Vol., under the (unintelligible to me) G.O. 191 series(?) of 1863 from the War Dept."

Now if we assume he was originally mustered into the 5th Maine for his original enlistment when it was first formed in 1861 then we figure he'd most likely seen action in just about every major action in the Eastern Theater prior to December 1863. That is barring injury or illness. So he'd certainly have been a combat veteran at the time he re-enlisted. A veteran volunteering for another X number of years.

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