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 Posted: Wed Apr 24th, 2013 04:15 pm
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Until recently, the medical reports for Hood's two major injuries (arm at Gettysburg and leg at Chickamauga) had never been seen. Now they have been found, and they are extremely detailed. Other than immediate eyewitness accounts and occasional observations, no one really knew how well he had recovered, or what his abilities with his arm and hand were, over time.

It appears that Hood's arm injury, while severe, was not as debilitating as historians have believed, and the crippling nature of it has been exaggerated over the decades (as has most things about Hood, as you will see in the book when you read it--hopefully you will).

The image is not Photoshopped except for the designer coloring it. We have the original black and white, and it appears in the book.

Hood was wounded twice, Gettysburg in July 63 and Chickamauga in September 63. The photo is not specifically dated. However, given the discovery of his medical report for Chickamauga and his recovery time, etc., the fact that Hood is on crutches and in uniform and "mobile," and was in Richmond for months before taking corps command in the AOT, indicates that this was taken in the Confederate capital, likely early 1864.

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