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  The Washington Navy Yard played a prominent role in the war. It was also a place that Mr. Lincoln very much enjoyed visiting.

Mr. Lincoln's White House - Washington Navy Yard

  On this date in 1862, Mr. Lincoln visited a French frigate that had anchored at the Yard. As he left the French ship, an amusing incident took place when his safety was threatened by the unexpected position of his boat and the French sailors firing a salute in his honor. The story is recounted by Frederick W. Seward, the son of Secretary of State William H. Seward, in the link above.

  On the night that Mr. Lincoln was shot in Ford's Theater, the conspirator Lewis Powell tried to assassinate William Seward in his residence. William Seward was in his bed and while he was severely injured, he was lucky to survive the attack. Powell injured several other people during the attack and while making his escape, including Frederick Seward. The younger Seward was also lucky to survive.

Frederick W. Seward - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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