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 Posted: Mon May 13th, 2013 04:36 am
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Hello American Civil War Enthusiast:

My mother recently edited and published a book entitled "Shouts & Whispers" . This painstaking work is a transcription of

letters from her great grandfather to his wife as he served in the Union army during the American Civil War. The soldier,

D.D. Priest, was in the Vermont 2nd Company I from Bull Run in 1861 through Spotsylvania where he was wounded in 1864.

This book is a must read for the Civil War buff and just a good, effortless read in general. This man intended for the letters to be saved

and makes many references to people, places, and things during the war that make it come alive. There are eighty letters.

My mother, Nancy D. Wilson has an M.A. English from the College of St. Rose. The letters were handed down from her mother

and she still is in possession of the originals. Those interested in "primary source" material will not be disappointed.

Nancy is a native Vermonter and graduate of U.V.M. class of '59.

Her motive for publishing was not profit, however, there is a cost of publication. The book

is available on Amazon for a reasonable price of $20.00.

Upcoming sesquicentennial celebrations can make this the perfect gift also!


URL 978-1475041040

Princeton, Harvard, The University of Vermont, and Syracuse University have ordered theirs.

Whatever method you use to acquire new material can be accommodated. Will ship direct as well.

Contact me: Charles Wilson Phone 518.648.0324

or my mother: Nancy Wilson 518.793.9472

Thank you,

Charles R. Wilson

The book has been reviewed and the review is featured on the website "Vermont in the Civil War"

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