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 Posted: Thu May 23rd, 2013 02:14 am
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  I don't have a definitive answer for you, but I have a couple of possible theories.

  The inventor, Robert Fulton, Jr. (1765-1815) was the son of Robert Fulton, Sr. (Died in 1768 or 1774) and Mary Smith (Died in 1799).

Robert Fulton Inventor

Robert Fulton (1765 - 1815) - Find A Grave Memorial

  General John Fulton Reynolds (1820-1863) was the son of John Reynolds (1787-1853) and Lydia Moore (1794-1843). Lydia Moore was the daughter of Captain Samuel Moore (1749-1795) and Jane Fulton (1768-1847).

  So, it seems that General Reynolds' mother was related to the inventor Robert Fulton, Jr. Her mother was the right age to be a sister of the inventor. His bio says that there were: "At least" three sisters of the inventor, but the name Jane wasn't given. So, possibly, Jane Fulton was a first cousin of the inventor. His father, Robert Fulton, Sr. apparently had two brothers.

  If Jane Fulton was a sister of the inventor, then General Reynolds was the grand nephew of the inventor. If she was a first cousin of the inventor, then General Reynolds was his first cousin twice removed. (Other possible cousin relationships are possible). I am more likely to believe the cousin theory.

 In either case, you are correct that General Reynolds was not on a direct line to the inventor.

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