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 Posted: Sat Jun 1st, 2013 09:17 am
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  The deportation of Clement Vallandigham to southern territory did not calm the waters for General Burnside. In the days that followed, protests against his actions by prominent politicians raised the heat on him.

  On 29 May 1863, General Burnside offered his resignation to Mr. Lincoln. It was not accepted. Indeed, Mr. Lincoln supported his actions. General Burnside, who had commanded the Department of the Ohio since 25 March, then returned to his vigorous policy of suppressing dissent by closing the CHICAGO TIMES, as well as the JONESBORO GAZETTE, on this date (01 June) in 1863. This caused further protests by the mayor of Chicago, among others, but Mr. Lincoln did not intervene.

  While all of this turmoil was taking place, Mr. Vallandigham's southern hosts were less than  thrilled to receive him. He was transported to Richmond, but his stay there was short. On 02 June, he left (Under guard) for Wilmington, NC. He soon boarded a blockade runner that was bound for Bermuda, and left the territory of the CSA.

  Four months earlier, on 26 January 1863, General Burnside had offered to resign as commanding general of the AOP and, in that case, Mr. Lincoln had accepted his resignation. Clearly, General Burnside found greater support from above, as well as greater success, in his campaign to suppress free speech of citizens than in his effort to command the AOP. That had been a task that even he realized was beyond his capabilities.

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