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  I'm sure that it would be an interesting project to follow the family lines of those who served in Lee's Legion. Over the generations, the prominent families of Virginia became more and more intertwined through marriage.

  One soldier who served in Lee's Legion was Simeon Buford.

Capt Simeon Buford (1756 - 1835) - Find A Grave Memorial

  Simeon Buford was the grandfather of Union MG John Buford, who commanded a division of cavalry in the AOP and was best known for his actions at Gettysburg. John Buford was married to Martha McDowell Duke Buford (Called: "Patsy"). Mrs. Buford was related to seven Civil War generals (Including her own husband), who were well represented on both sides.

  I would be remiss at this point if I did not include this piece by a distinguished member of this forum:

  On this CWi thread, I listed some of Mrs. McDowell's prominent relatives (See 5th Posting):

Charles Marshall - aid/secretary of the ANV - Help Looking for an individual -

  As an aside, General John Buford died in the arms of his young aide, Myles Keogh.

Myles Keogh (1840 - 1876) - Find A Grave Memorial

  On 25 June 1876, Myles Keogh was a captain commanding one of the five companies that was slaughtered at the Little Bighorn. Also killed with Colonel Custer were two of Custer's own brothers, his brother-in-law, and the son of the regimental commander of the 7th Cavalry, LT James G. Sturgis, son of Samuel Sturgis. ( A grandson of Samuel Sturgis became the Chief of Engineers in the US Army in the 1950s, but that is another story).

  As for John Forsyth, Jr.- his story can be found here:

Encyclopedia of Alabama: John Forsyth Jr.

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