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BHR62 wroteMoltke the Elder held our Civil War armies in contempt.

The statement that Moltke supposedly said that, the Civil War fought by armed mobs, has been trotted out for years but no one seems to be able to pinpoint when or where Moltke said it. There was an ongoing offer of money on historynet for years if anyone could find evidence of it in his writing or speeches, as far as I know no one ever collected.

The accusation that he said it was made as early as 1871 when Wm T Sherman was testifying before an American-British committee to settle war claims. He was directly asked what he thought about Moltke's statement and his answer was something like "I met Moltke and never asked him because I don't think he'd have been such an ass to say such a thing." & also stating that Prussian officers told him they'd studied the Civil War and profited from it.

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