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 Posted: Thu Jul 18th, 2013 07:56 am
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I am typing this from my phone so this probably won't look very formal. Sorry.
But I spend a lot of my time out in the woods and in creeks/rivers. Today I was bow fishing a somewhat rural part of a creek nearby. (I live in central pa) and while on my journey I arrived at a deep hole that I had never been to. I decided to investigate to see what lurked below. There was a massive drop off from a rock that had a ledge. There was weeds and rocks tucked under this boulder. I kept snooping around this rock and saw something that didn't seems quite right. I reached in and pull out a knife. A large Bowie knife to be exact. The hand gurd below the base of the blad was shaped like an S with the points of the S facing up and down. I had this weird feeling when I found it that it was probably from around the time of the civil war. The knife was extremely rusted and had been there so long, rocks actually were encrusted by the rust. I guess some people would prefer to find a mint condition knife in the water...but this knife is just plain beautiful to me. The rust and rocks allow the mind to wonder how it got there and what stories this knife would tell if it could talk...instead of being kept in a case all it's life. I know many items have been found in the surrounding area, espically since I live 15-20 min away from gettisburg. I will include a picture and any facts or opinions would be greatly appreciated.! Thanks a bunch

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