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 Posted: Wed Dec 6th, 2006 04:10 pm
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Susansweet is correct that Sickle's victim was the son of Francis S. Key.  On a geneology note, the Key's are related to the Lloyd, Tilghman, Buchanan and Winder families of Maryland's Eastern Shore.  Further up the tree is Robert E. Lee. 

Recently saw Sickle's leg at the Nat. Health/Med. Museum located on the grounds of Walter Reed Hosp.  Great museum for those of you visiting the D.C. area.  View combat medicine from the Rev. War up to the present, quite impressive how far medicine has come since then. 

Was Sickles a mental case?  Probably not.  In terms of military proficiency, he wouldn't receive very high marks.  However, for polical shrewdness, he probably set the mold for our current politicians.  Agree with the other discussants that he's not one of my favarite cw individuals either.

 Did Chamberlain save the union from defeat at Gettysburg?  I'm not a battlefield tactition by any means and my knowledge only comes from printed sources/lectures/visiting battlefields, but in a recent publication, Last Chance for Victory, the point was made that even if the csa had succeeded in taking little round top, it probably would not have changed the eventual outcome.

  Great to see future generations taking an interest in history, any history for that matter. 

 Do any of the discussants see any parallels between Lincolns' difficulties in in making political/tactical decisions during the 63-64 period and our current conflict in the middle east?  As you have figured out by now I'm better at questions than answers.


Doc C


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