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 Posted: Wed Aug 28th, 2013 02:24 am
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I read Jeff Davis's proclamation about Hunter with incredulity. This was not the work of a statesman or a legitimate President. Could he not see the obvious, that retaliation that would result? No wonder the south lost!

And Hunter was a criminal for training soldiers - who happened to be black? Please.

Inflammatory?...So long as my views fit yours that’s fine. But a different idea is inflammatory? The entire discussion is silly and based. "Branded as outlaws"? By whom, an illegitimate government?

As for Brown, he believed in his principles as much as southern slave owners did theirs. Why is he is a madman for trying to free slaves while those who enslaved fellow human beings are fine citizens? I am no Brown fan; anymore than I am a fan of the southern hot heads whose ill-advised “secession” eventually killed 750,000.

I suppose that this message is such heresy that it will get me kicked off the forum. But before I go, I will point out that when a plea for funds was sent, I responded with cash to support a man’s fine work. Did YOU?

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