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 Posted: Wed Aug 28th, 2013 02:32 pm
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   You're right about Texas v. White. With the wounds from the war still raw in 1869, there was no way that the justices could tell the American people that secession was actually legal, and that Mr. Lincoln's holy war to preserve the Union had been fought on a wrong legal premise. They could not tell the people that their martyred president, Mr. Lincoln ( Who appointed several of the justices serving on the Court in 1869), had asked them to sacrifice so many lives while taking a position on the Constitution that was incorrect.

   The whole idea that the CSA never really existed is an absurdity. The CSA encompassed a large territory with several million inhabitants. Its government might not have operated very efficiently, but it certainly did exist from 1861 to 1865. It did so in spite of having a militarily superior: "Foreign" enemy on its borders from the very beginning. Whether these: "Wayward sisters" in the south could have survived as a nation if they had been allowed to go in peace is a question that can only be speculated on. But the reality that the CSA did exist for four years is beyond doubt.

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