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 Posted: Thu Aug 29th, 2013 12:42 am
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There was nothing inflammatory in my comments – unless you are clinging to myths.

Traitors. This is what common soldiers called rebels, confederates and secessionists. You may not like it, but they obviously had their reasons for doing so, and I accept their reasons.

Illegitimate Government. After the Civil War the Supreme Court ruled southern states never ceased to be part of the US. No important county recognized the confederacy as a separate and distinct nation.

Hot Heads. The more commonly used term is Firebrand, but the meaning is the same. Southern leaders were too quick to challenge the US to a “duel” and war resulted. Wiser men would have not challenged an opponent with superior firepower.

As for Brown, let me make this clear. While I support his aim to end slavery I do not condone what he did in Kansas or at Harpers Ferry. Not only was it wrong it hastened interest in secession by convincing southerners that northerners were all crazy abolitionists. They were not. Should I assume that your support of southern culture means that you condone what slave-owners did to slaves?

There is a theme that runs though your postings Hellcat and Texas Defender. The thread is that secession was a noble cause, unavoidable and brought on by the North.

Secession was about preservation of a slave culture and economy, an evil purpose if there ever was one. War could have been avoided, had the south tried to wear out the north without starting a war - and 750,000 lives would have been saved. And the south intentionally precipitated the war by firing on Ft Sumter before it could be abandoned by its occupants!

No there is nothing either inaccurate or inflammatory in my posts.

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