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 Posted: Fri Aug 30th, 2013 05:59 pm
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OK, Let me formally and sincerely apologize to Hellcat and Texas Defender for my inflammatory remarks. There were not meant to be hostile to you or to southerners in general. However, I can see how they can be taken that way.

Lets get back to the post.

My statement about Jeff Davis should have been more specific to the topic of the post. It was in fact in reaction to the link in Mark's post about J Davis's proclamation. Here’s the text in that link I reacted to.

“Ordered, That Major-General Hunter and Brigadier-General Phelps be no longer held and treated as public enemies of the Confederate States, but as outlaws; and that in the event of the capture of either of them, or that of any other commissioned officer employed in drilling, organizing, or instructing slaves, with a view to their armed service in this war, he shall not be regarded as a prisoner of war, but held in close confinement for execution as a felon at such time and place as the President shall order.”

I do, forgive me, find this order shameful. I see it as evidence of poor leadership - a threat like this only invites retaliation, and inflames partisans like abolitionists. And let me explain, I find it ironic that one who was a leader of treasonous activity (as many northerners considered secession) is calling anyone a criminal. That's the essence of my earlier unfortunate reaction. I hope that I have explained this more carefully – but I fear that even presenting my point this way will be unacceptable.

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