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imitating Lincoln all my life

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Lincoln was referred to as "Father Abraham" by Northern supporters before the election of 1860 and this nickname grew with the outbreak of the Civil War. In 1862, the country's leading songwriter Stephen Foster wrote We Are Coming Father Abraham, 300,000 Strong! Stephen Spielberg's Lincoln was the first movie to use this song; it first appeared there as an instrumental by a Union military band and then it was sung. Lincoln was a master politician and he had no problem with being publically associated with "Father Abraham" of the Bible. He even used a reference to Genasis 16:16 (KJV) as a HUGE code when he famously said, "4 score and 7 years ago, our fathers..."

The Battle of Gettysburg raged for three days: July 1-3, 1863. On 7/4, Lincoln received telegrams about the great Union victory over Robert E. Lee in Pennsylvania and rebels surrendered Vicksburg after a 47-day siege by Grant! He gave a celebratory Independence Day speech at the Executive Mansion (White House), "87 years ago..."

President Lincoln was asked to speak at the National Cemetery in Gettysburg just 10 days before the Nov. 19, 1863 Dedication Ceremony. This invitation to the somber event by local lawyer David Wills was an afterthought. "Maybe just a few appropriate remarks". Lincoln knew how important this speech was and began preparing it.

He had practically memorized the Bible as a youth reading it over-and-over again and had a habit of often quoting from it without informing his audience that he was, i.e. "A house divided against itself cannot stand" - Jesus in Matthew 12:25 (12/25 is Christmas).

Sometime between November 9-18, Lincoln wrote his two and a half minute speech with its 272* words. He realized that the 87 years between 7/4/1776 and 7/4/1863 could be expressed as the Biblical, "4 score and 7 years ago". Ah! This would be a direct reference to Genasis 16:16, "Abram was 4 score and 6 years old when Hagar bore Ishmael (Is he male?)" - King James Version. "Score" is used in many places in the King James Bible with it first appearing in Gen 16:16. In Gen 17:4, GOD tells Abram, "You're it and to mark the occasion (paraphrased) your name is now Abraham for I have made you a father of many nations". Quite a numerical alignment! But we're just getting started.

Lincoln knew that not only was he making the connection with the Biblical Abraham, he was making a connection with the slave woman Hagar and a great long-awaited birth! Furthermore, the one year modification of "4 score and 7 years ago" eludes to July 4th: 7/4. He had to see his righteous destiny in that! But there's still a BIGGER code that I'm not sure Father Abraham consciously knew he was using?

The American Revolution was basically a Freemasonry rebellion! The Boston Tea Party was a bunch of Masons having a couple beers at the Green Dragon Tavern before ending the Lodge meeting early that night, donning their Indian garb, going out on the harbor and dumping the British tea in the water! The three main colonies in 1776 were Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Virginia (no offense to the 10 others) and the three main guys spearheading American Independence were Benjamin Franklin (Grand Master Mason of PA), George Washington (GMM of Va), and John Hancock (GMM of MA). As Grand Master Masons, they practiced sacred geometry & gematria: the geometry of the language.

GOD=7_4 is the BIG Masonic Code/secret! G is the 7th letter, a circle is the 15th letter or zerO, and D is 4. GOD=7_4, 7/4=July 4th or 7 April 30 AD: the original Good Friday! On 7/4/1775, George Washington declared in just his second General Orders, "The Troops of the UNITED PROVINCES of North America" and he would eventually have 74 generals in the Army (33 were Masons). John(4 letters,47=J10+O15+H8+N14) Hancock(7,40) was the only representative of Congress to sign the Declaration on 7/4 with Charles Thomson(74=T20+H8+O+M13+S19+O+N14) - Secretary of Congress attesting. There were 74 appointed representatives to the Constitutional Convention (19 never attended and none came from Rhode Island) and the Constitution's 7 Articles were written on 4 pages. New York(7 letters) City (4) at 74 degrees West Longitude became Federal(7) City(4) until one could be laid out between Mary-land and Virgin-ia. New York City Hall was renovated as Freedom(7) Hall(4). The Southern Boundary of the new one hundred(74=H8+U21+N14+D4+R18+E5+D4) square mile Capitol(7) City(4) was laid in a Masonic(74) ceremony in Alexandria on April 15, 1791: exactly 74 years later to the day, Lincoln died.

Free(4)masonry(7), Masonic(7,74=M13+A1+S19+O15+N14+I9+C3) Code(4), Liberty(7) Bell(4), Capitol(7) Hill(4), Lady(4) Liberty(7), etc.

After Lincoln arrived in Gettysburg, he was escorted to the Wills home to spend the night. Supporters outside yelled and sang, "Father Abraham"! He did his last tweaks to his address that night. Did he know the GOD=7_4 Code? Lincoln was NOT a Mason, although he had many friends back in Springfield who were and knew many in Washington City. He apparently planned on becoming a Mason after he left the White House. I'd say it's 50-50 that he knew the GOD=7_4 Code. But many in the audience in Gettysburg and many who would read the speech afterward were long-time Masons and recognized thee code! Almost everyone back then knew the King James Bible and might make the Gen 16:16 connection.

But the Gen 16:16 code doesn't end there! Lincoln was the 16th president - p(16th letter)-resident - at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Huh! Again, I don't know if he made the connection, but I imagine he did realize his being the 16th president aligned with Gen 16:16. Lincoln - like Benjamin Franklin - was a genius, even though he only had one year of formal schooling.

Those who don't like Lincoln won't like this code being exposed and will attack it and 'the messenger'. Those who don't believe in GOD will dismiss it as "numerology", although it's not. But those who already recognize Father Abraham Lincoln as giving "this country a new birth of freedom" should be awed by this symbolism, synchronism, design and alignment! Lincoln was truly GOD's 'chosen one' and if there's any doubt, then consider this...

After his victory at Petersburg, Grant first sent Lee a letter asking for his surrender on 4/7. Lee surrendered on April 9 Palm Sunday and being a devout Christian, was well aware of the symbolism, "I surrendered to the good of Lincoln as much as I did to Grant". Five days later on Good Friday (the four year anniversary of the surrender of Ft. Sumter) Lincoln was shot at John Ford's Theater - a former Baptist church - by John Wilkes Booth. But the great leader didn't die on Good Friday! He was carried a-cross the street and died in the Petersen House the next day at *07:22 with his wife Mary then coming to his side. The following mourning - Easter - the entire country found out that the 'Great Emancipator' was dead and Andrew Johnson was now the 17th president for the next 4 years.

The following day, 4/17, Johnston discussed surrender terms with Sherman. April 17, 6 BC / 17.4.748 AUC was Jesus'(74=J10+E5+S19+U21+S19) real birthday. Ben Franklin died on April 17, 1790 (75 years before) and it was on April 17, 1861 that Lincoln made the decision to offer the command of the Federal(7) Army(4) to Lee (it was formally made the next day by Francis P. Blair, Sr. at Blair House across the street from the Executive Mansion) and at the same time, the Virginia Convention voted to secede (Virginians ratified the ordinance on May 23**).

John Brown was the John(4,47) the Baptist(7) of his day. His actions heralded the appearance/return of the Christ.

'Coincidences' or signs from GOD? Please answer that. There are HUGE implications here!


Lincoln and Gettysburg - History Channel

**Robert E. Lee - The Man and the Soldier by Phillip Van Doren Stern, p. 125 (Bonanza Books, 1963)

Washington DC Boundary Markers - website

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