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 Posted: Tue Sep 17th, 2013 09:53 pm
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Brad Watson, Miami-

  I am: "Texas Defender" because I am always having to defend Texas from other peoples' incorrect stereotypes about the state and its citizens.

   As for Texas' actions during the Civil War, the question of secession was put to a popular vote with the citizens approving by about a 3-1 margin. I wasn't here then, nor were any relatives of mine, but you apparently are expecting me to apologize for the fact that the state seceded. That isn't happening.

   You say that Mr. Lincoln decided to offer command of the Union Army to Colonel Lee on 17 April 1861. I have presented documentation that questions that assertion. Feel free to present proof that he did.

  Feel free to present your list of 74 Revolutionary War generals as well. I would be curious to see who is included and who is not.

  Mary Todd Lincoln was not present at Mr. Lincoln's bedside when he died. I have presented documentation including a statement by Reverend Phineas D. Gurley who was present, saying that he informed Mrs. Lincoln of her husband's death in the parlor below the room in which he died. In fact, you prove my point with your posting above that says: "but once the president was declared dead, she ran into the bedroom". She wasn't in the room with Mr. Lincoln when he died (And Tad wasn't present at all).

  The Bennett Place site gives the timeline for the surrender of General Johnston's army. The actual surrender was not on the 17th, but the 26th.

  As for my: "Agenda," it is to see that historical facts are accurately presented, not thrown around without proof or accuracy. Unlike you, I have given sources backing up my assertions of what the historical facts were. You have apparently decided to disregard these sources. You have given NO documentation and NO sources to refute what I have said in my posting above. What you are really: "Messin' with" is history.

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