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 Posted: Wed Sep 18th, 2013 12:09 am
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Brad Watson, Miami
imitating Lincoln all my life

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Texas Defender,

I documented the synchronism of when I wrote it: today is 9/17/13 and it was a replay of yesterday 9/16. Do you believe in 'coincidences'? This is the 4th time(47=T20+I9+M13+E5) I've asked you!


I added the following to the op...


**Robert E. Lee - The Man and the Soldier by Phillip Van Doren Stern, p. 125 (Bonanza Books, 1963)

"On April 17 two messages arrived at Arlington for Lee. One asked him to call the next day on Francis P. Blair Sr., whom he had known in St. Louis. The other was from General Scott, asking Lee to be at his office on the same day (at the insistence of President Lincoln). Lee rode into Washington on the 18th and went to the Blair house first."

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