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 Posted: Thu Dec 7th, 2006 01:05 am
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In my opinion good Old Marse Robert Lee had to be the best Civil war leader of all North and South...Let's face it Lee did no lose the war to Grant or any other Union General..Lee lost the war for lack of supplies and food to feed his army..Half dying and starving these men followed him into the grips of hell. He outsmarted and out manuvered the Union with forces of half their size and most of the time came out on top of it or at least a stalemate. No other commander could have fought that war so hard and so well given the same circumstances Lee faced. He was brilliant. Grant won the war because he had numbers and realized all you had to do is wait them out or starve them out no matter what the cost. He could afford to lose men..And he did and a lot of them just trying to stop a war tattered army who was still giving him resistance. Grant was a good match for Lee and the Best Lincoln could have picked but he was still Lee's subordinate when it came to manuvering an army with odds stacked against it so high.  In the Confederate army if one said anything against Bobby it may have been the last thing they said at all for all his men highly respected him as their leader. Even after his death anyone who dared speak against him was shunned by the Southern people..Just take a look at what happened to Longstreet.

As a real close first to Bobby I would have to pick Tommy Jackson. Now here was a guy who I believe may have been a little insane and also fearless of battle and I think he may have even enjoyed the fighting. Lee knew how to control him and get the best out of him which made the Model Partnership. Had Tommy slipped the bullet that took his arm and the pnemonia that took his life who knows the American Flag may have had a similar resemblance to the Bars and Stars...



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