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 Posted: Wed Sep 18th, 2013 12:36 pm
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Texas D & everyone,

I posted the above before I was finished because I wanted to document the 'coincidence' of my having the TV on and them saying "coincidences". Now, how do you explain that?! Coincidence?!!

I then turned on Golf Channel where Mike(4) Johnson(7) of Golf Magazine was talking equipment.

The 'Johnson' theme in the op/this thread is highly symbolic! Almost no one outside of some select Masons and a handful of Christianity scholars/'heretics' - including myself - know of the legend that John(4,47) the Baptist(7) was married to Mary Magdalen and had a son John. When the Baptist was executed, in the Hebrew tradition of the day, his widow was then married to his next-of-kin: cousin Jesus son of Joseph who also adopted John Jr. Hence, the "beloved Apostle John" who was present at the Cross, whose Gospel was quite different than the other three, his being chosen to receive The Revelation, and The Da Vinci Code of his Last Supper depicting Mary Magdalen in place of John (he looked alot like her).

Synchronism: 9/18/13 07:56 "5. Zach Johnson on ticker of Golf Channel, Dustin Johnson qualified as #30 out of 30 for the Tour(74=T20+O15+U21+R18) Championship this week at East Lake in Atlanta.

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