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 Posted: Thu Sep 19th, 2013 02:57 pm
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   We'll have to disagree once again over my use of the word: "Installed."

   I have already showed you the source that says that Mr. Lincoln's objective was to ESTABLISH (My caps) "Loyal" governments in each of the border states.

   I have already showed you the source that says that Mr. Lincoln always gave priority to PLACING (My caps) loyal men in control of each state government. In fact, in your posting #63 you even use the word: "Install" when you state that Mr. Lincoln's priority was to INSTALL (My caps) loyal Union men.

(EDITING: Mildman has edited his Post #63 to remove his own use of the word: "Install" ).

   My source shows how General Banks bragged about making Maryland a : "Loyal" state by replacing those local and state officials considered to be disloyal and: "Assigning" loyal men to their duties. Those : "Replaced" (And in some cases imprisoned) included properly elected officials of the city of Baltimore, as well as members of the state legislature.

   Wherever the Union Army held sway, military officers as well as: "Loyal" local and state officials could arrest anyone who uttered any word or made any gesture that they considered disloyal. Many thousands of individuals in many states were arrested throughout the war and held without the necessity of making or proving any charges.

   Mr. Lincoln's minions in the border states could control who was placed in local and state government positions and intimidate those elements that might have a tendency to oppose them. Those who selected the: "Loyal" men and those who: "Installed" (My word) them were advancing the objectives of Mr. Lincoln.

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