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 Posted: Fri Sep 20th, 2013 09:03 pm
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    You are now on record for refusing to acknowledge evidence already provided on this thread.

    You object to my use of the word: "Install" when it comes to pro-Union governments in the border states. Apparently, you see no relationship to passages in the link I provided to them being ESTABLISHED there, or having them PLACED there. (See my Post #62) Perhaps the word: "Install" is somehow offensive to you.

    Perhaps your objection is trying to say that Mr. Lincoln did not PERSONALLY appoint specific individuals to specific positions. But that possible objection is also addressed in my Post #62 where I stated that Mr. Lincoln did not have to select the : "Loyal men" personally. Thats what he had his subordinates to see to. I doubt that Mr. Lincoln cared who the individuals were, as long as they advanced his policies and suppressed those considered to be disloyal.

    Your apparent contention that my saying that Mr. Lincoln installed pro-Union state governments through his subordinates is a : "Wild fabrication" is absurd. Your contention that saying this somehow: "Taints Lincoln's legacy" is also absurd, as should be clear to anyone who reads the link I provided.

    I am once again providing the link, and inviting other members to read it so that they can decide for themselves who the real fabricator is here.

Abraham Lincoln and the Border States

    As for my use of the word: "Minion," if you had asked for a clarification of how I meant it, I would have provided it to you. Reading from my New World College Dictionary, Fourth Edition, the word is described as: "A subordinate official, deputy, or the like." This is how I meant it, but it doesn't surprise me that you choose to take it as meaning: "A servile follower," since you seem always to be looking for a reason to be insulted.

    When it comes to soldiers, there are many historical examples of individuals that I have little respect for. But the idea that I would defame soldiers in general, be they Civil War soldiers on either side (They were all American soldiers to me) or soldiers now is completely ridiculous. I happen to be retired from the U.S. Army myself, and I know a thing or two about leaders and subordinates. I would be surprised if you served at all.

    Mildman, as usual, you are way off base ( If not in high orbit like another poster on this thread). I wish no more exchanges with you on this forum. Do me a favor and try: "Just Testing Ideas" on someone else.

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