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 Posted: Thu Sep 26th, 2013 11:30 pm
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I'm new to this Site! and I'm trying to find out any thing more on my wife's Ancestor! his name was "Francis Joshua" born on the Island of St Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean.
I have also the following about him:

Francis Joshua

Place of Birth: St. Helena
Age: 21
Complexion: Swarthy
Occupation: Sailor
Height: 5' 8"
Place of Enlistment: "Wabash"
Date of Enlistment: Jun 19, 1863
Term of Enlistment: 1
Rating: Ordinary Seaman
Detailed Muster Records:
Date Vessel
10/01/1863 Nantucket
01/01/1864 Nantucket
03/31/1864 Nantucket
07/01/1864 Nantucket
09/30/1864 Nantucket


Name: Francis Joshua
Event Type: Military
Event Date: Jun 1861
Event Place: Boston
Age: 26
Birth Year (Estimated): 1835
Birthplace: St Helena
Complexion: Indian
Volume: 14
Page: 150
Affiliate Publication Title: Weekly return of enlistments at Naval Rendezvous ("Enlistment Rendezvous"), Jan. 6, 1855-Aug. 8, 1891
Affiliate Publication Number: M1953
Affiliate Film Number: 14
GS Film number: 2381631
Digital Folder Number: 004639542
Image Number: 00188

This is all that I have about him! Why would he enlist on the "Wabash"?? are there any other Information on Francis? Would there be any Ship's Crew's List for the above Ship's Please?? for when he was on it!!
The enclosed Attachment you will see that "Francis Joshua" is about the 3rd one down!
I hope some one help me Please? in the brick-wall I am with him!
Thank You for any Help!

Attachment: Francis Joshua in 1861 - Copy.jpg (Downloaded 25 times)

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