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 Posted: Thu Dec 7th, 2006 06:00 pm
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Wouldn't say I hate Bowden's/Hunt's book but feel that Coddington's, Sears', Pfantz's are better. In my opinion, Bowden/Hunt lose it when after their description of each of the 3 days they attempt to justify Lee's decisions. Couldn't tell that Lee made any mistakes during the first 2 days. Lee had everything figured out, in a nice little bundle but his subordinates failed to carry out his orders. Some truth to this but not as clear cut as the authors would lead us to believe.

As to weather or not Sickles movement of his corps was warranted who are we to judge. However, there was an extremely credible eye witness who saw this movement and its folly, Hancock, who remarked on cemetary ridge as he witnessed this movement that they would "come tumbling back".

Do say one thing for Lee. He may have had his sights set on attacking the peach orchard initially but upon seeing the III Corps there, he was able to appreciate that an en echelon attack further south was the better choice.

Doc C

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