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 Posted: Sun Sep 29th, 2013 04:35 am
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With the release of patch 3.2, there is an entire herd of mount changes for players. Here we will take you to have a look at the patch 3.2 mounts. Here is just an outline of the changes about all the mounts you can ride in patch 3.2, new tweaks to old mounts like the Ulduar Proto-drakes and the TCG items, and brand new mounts like the hippogryphs from the Argent Tournament and the long-awaited Ravasaur.It is really the Diablo 3 Gold  biggest news that Blizzard has made major changes to the mounts with a large amount of fund. When the new patch arrives, all of the mounts will have their level demands reduced. Regular land mounts now can train at level 20, epic land mounts can be trainable at level 40, regular flying mounts can be trained at level 60, and epic flying can be trained at level 70. It means that you can ride at an epic speed from level 40, and you are able to train flying mounts at level 60. You will have the ability to ride around Outland in with a flying mount WOW Gold  from the first time you step in. Here are the full details on all of the riding skills and the new costs of mount:Apprentice Riding (Skill 75), marked 4 , has 60% land mount speed and requires level 20. The mount cost is 1WOW .Journeyman Riding (Skill 150), marked 50 , has 100% land mount speed and requires level 40. The mount cost is 10 .Expert Riding (Skill 225), marked 600 , has 150% flying mount speed and 60% land mount speed and requires level 60. The mount cost is 50WOW .Artisan Riding (Skill 300), marked 5,000 , has 280% flying mount speed and Fifa 14 Coins land mount speed and requires level 20. The mount cost is 100 .

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