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 Posted: Tue Oct 1st, 2013 01:21 am
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Hi Hellcat!,
Many thanks for all that checking out of those Records! where there any Maps Please? showing the Positions of the Ships Please? :)I would like to see the Places where the ships were at during the Civil War! Please!
I found the following photo on a web-site, it is of a Minstrel Band on deck of the USS.Wabash, when looking at the Minstrels! the 2nd man from the left looks like a man from St Helena, he is playing a Banjo, you will find a lot from St Helena were Francis Joshua comes from like playing there music like this! he looks very like, like a "saint" that is what they are called today! were there's music, you will mostly find a "saint"!! and its a great Photo! from the Civil War! I'm hoping to get his Civil War Records in a month or two!

Thanks Again!

Attachment: Civil War Minstrel on board the USS Wabash 1863.jpg (Downloaded 7 times)

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