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 Posted: Sat Oct 5th, 2013 06:49 am
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The old railroad track ways aren't only haunted by the Lincoln funeral train. Tony Reevy relates the tale of a particular railroad that gained notoriety during the war in his Ghost Train! American Railroad Ghost Legends.

The Western and Atlantic Railroad is famed today for the Great Locomotive Chase. But it is also haunted by the ghost of a Confederate soldier buried just north of the Allatoona Pass. Apparently the man was returning to his unit and having to pass through Federal lines, leading to his death. He was then buried near the track.

Railroaders working the area near his grave have claimed to see his ghost wandering the tracks with a lantern, searching for his friends. Perhaps still searching for his unit. Some have also seen the ghost of the soldier's dog which is said to sometimes run in front of a train until it passes by the soldier's grave.

The best report comes from a Polly Milan who at one time was an engineer on the railroad. And one of the engineers on the run past the grave site. One night the train he was driving past the grave broke down, forcing him to walk past the grave and flag don any approaching trains in warning. As he was passing the grave the ghost of the Confederate soldier suddenly appeared, walking towards him. The ghost then proceeded to sit down on the ties. Milan tried to gather up the courage to talk to the ghost and even touch him, but in the end he did what most of us would do when confronted with a ghost. Ran away in terror.

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