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 Posted: Thu Oct 31st, 2013 07:35 pm
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Well gonna return to Pennsylvania Hall. This time this is coming from Angus Konstam's Civil War Ghost Stories.

Now in the 30th post I mentioned that during the Battle of Gettysburg Pennsylvania Hall served as a field hospital. I also mentioned what happened to the two school administrators, which Konstam reveals were two men who did not believe in ghosts before that night. Tour-guide Mark Nesbitt reveals that at the time of the books writing both men were still working in the building but never took the elevator again. Konstam says that both men are reluctant to submit to any formal interviews as they know they will not be believed and would even be seen as being a little crazy for telling their story and revealing their identities.

But their incident hasn't been the only one at Pennsylvania Hall. Staff and students alike have reported seeing the outlines of people in the cupola. Whenever anyone would try to investigate they would find no one there. Some of these witnesses have reported that the figures appear to be Confederate soldiers, which has led to some claiming the building, or at least the upper portion of it, is haunted by soldiers from the Army of Northern Virginia. With what the administrators witnessed in the basement, perhaps it's likely we can say the entire building is haunted by soldiers of the Army of Northern Virginia. That is if you believe in ghosts.

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