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 Posted: Thu Nov 7th, 2013 04:09 am
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I'm not so sure Davis would not have been a general in 1861, TD. Lee never made general in the US Army and was appointed Brigadier General of the Confederate Army in May 1861. We can argue this may have been due to his position as Commander in Chief of Virginia's military forces prior to Virginia's entry into the Confederacy.

What about Jackson? The highest he ever reached in the US Army was Brevet Major, in fact without the two brevet promotions he would have been a 1st Lt. But by the end of June 1861 he was already a Brigadier General in the Confederate Army. Now with Jackson it can be easily argued that he worked his way up to General. He started off as a major in the Virginia Militia and then became an infantry colonel in the Confederate Army. His promotion to General looks to come from his early activity in the war.

Beauregard also never rose above Brevet Major (or was I Brevet Captain, I'm getting conflicting points on his US Army ranking) in the US Army, he entered the Provisional Confederate Army as a Brigadier General.

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