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 Posted: Thu Nov 7th, 2013 06:03 am
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Jefferson Davis served in the U.S. Army for seven years before resigning his commission in 1835 as a 1LT. He also served in a 12 month volunteer regiment during the Mexican War. In my opinion, this does not compare to the records of the five men who were made full generals in the CSA Army on 01 September 1861.

Obviously, if Mr. Davis had accepted a commission as a BG in the Regular Army and served there instead of returning to politics, things would have been very different. He might then have been made the senior field commander in the CSA Army, a position later given to General A.S. Johnston (Ranking second behind the administrative general, Samuel Cooper).

As things were, I have no doubt that Mr. Davis would have been made a general officer in the CSA Army (BG or MG) if he had desired to be in 1861. But I very much doubt that he would have been made a full general at that time. That is not to say that he could not have been advanced to that grade eventually if he was successful and also lucky enough to avoid being killed or disabled during the war.

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