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 Posted: Sat Nov 30th, 2013 01:07 pm
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Today, November 30, 1863 the battle of mine run has ended. This battle
was called the “greatest battle that never was”

Due to the heavy winter storm that struck the area the night of the 27th
and the 28th there was a lot of planning between the two armies. Lee
wanted to strike first on Meade after he drew back over the mine run And
on the 29th Meade ordered the attack to begin the next day which
would've been the 30th.

General Warren discussed this at great length with general Meade
concerning the weather conditions with the temperatures around zero with
heavy icing would create tremendous casualties going through the cold
mine run water to get to general Lee. And during this discussion both
Warren and Meade rode out and took a look for themselves.

After final review of the line of battle general Meade consented and during
the night of the 29th move back behind the Rapidan River. General Lee had
sent his troops forward for their attack and found Meade had retreated
ending the activity of mine run.

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