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December 1, 1863.
The following movements of troops are ordered for to-day and to-night:
1. The First Corps, Major-General Newton commanding, will withdraw from its position on
Mine Run (part of the Fifth Corps relieving it), concealing the movement from the enemy,
and march at 4 p.m. to Germanna Ford, where it will take position and hold the crossing of
the river until the Fifth and Sixth Corps cross, when it will follow those two corps as soon as
the road on the opposite side is clear. It will then form the rear guard, and use every
precaution to insure the safety of the rear. It will take post at the termination the plank
road, covering the trains on the Stevensburg road and watching the Mitchell's Ford road.

2. The Fifth Corps will withdraw from its position on Mine Run as soon as it is dark (6
o'clock), take the turnpike, and pass to the Germanna plank road by the left, along a wood
road which the guide will point out, and move to Germanna Ford and cross the river. After
crossing, it will mass on some convenient point near the ford until the Sixth Corps has
passed, when it will follow the latter, taking the plank road to its termination, turn into the
Stevensburg road at Holley's, and take position at Stevensburg. It will not leave Germanna
Ford until the First Corps has crossed so much of its force as not to need its support.


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