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5. The Second Corps, Major-General Warren commanding, will withdraw after dark in time to
follow closely the Third Corps. After that corps had entered the Orange Court-House plank
road, it will follow that corps to Culpeper Ford by the route prescribed, and after crossing
the river will precede the Third Corps, passing by Richardsville to its former position on
Mountain Run, leaving the Stevensburg road at Madden's. The division of the Sixth Corps
with it will there rejoin its corps. 5
6. The corps on the same route will maintain constant communication with each other, and
keep within close supporting distance. Those that cross at Germanna will look out for their
left; those that cross at Culpeper will look out for their right as far as that ford, and every
precaution will be used to secure the flanks and rear from surprise.
7. The trains and artillery will precede the head of each corps, excepting such artillery as
may be needed for the rear guard of the rear corps.
8. Corps commanders will so conduct the withdrawal of their troops as to avoid the
observation of the enemy. In conducting the march, every effort will be made to prevent any
accidental deviation from the route.
9. The major-general commanding the Cavalry Corps will dispose of that arm so as to cover
the right flank until the infantry corps have crossed the Rapidan, and the rear, after
crossing, by holding the river.
The two brigades of infantry of the Third Corps with General Gregg will remain with the
cavalry and take post with them at Culpeper and Ely's Fords until after the passage of all
the trains and troops, when they will rejoin their corps at Brandy Station.

10. The pickets will not be withdrawn until 3 o'clock on the morning of the 2nd instant.
Those of the Sixth, Fifth, Third, and First Corps will be assembled under the command of
the officer commanding the pickets of the Fifth Corps, and will be conducted by him on the
route of the Fifth Corps. After crossing the Rapidan the pickets will rejoin their corps. The
pickets of the Second Corps will follow the route of that corps.
11. Headquarters will take the route of the column that crosses at Germanna, and will be
found on the route between the Fifth and Sixth Corps as far as the Rapidan. At Germanna
Ford it will be found at the former headquarters there, and afterward on the route to former
headquarters near Brandy Station, through Stevensburg. At the close of the march
headquarters will be at the former locality, near Brandy Station.
By command of Major-General Meade:
Assistant Adjutant-General.
(To commanding officers First, Second, Third, Fifth, and Sixth Corps, Cavalry Corps, chief of
artillery, chief commissary of subsistence, chief engineer, and provost-marshal-general.)

December 1, 1863.
The commanders of the pickets of the Sixth, First, and Third Corps will arrange with the
commanding officer of the pickets of the Fifth Corps as to the time when and order in which
they will be withdrawn from their posts and assembled upon the point of assemblage.
By command of Major-General Meade:
Assistant Adjutant-General.

Thanks for reading!  It is a lot but hoping all enjoyed. )(90

Hoping and praying each of you and your family Have
a Merry Christmas!

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