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Winter of 1862 – 63. The 52nd rotated with other regiments of the brigade in standing
Beckett along the Rappahannock River.

"We have some right rough weather here a few days back. It snowed several snows. The
deepest was about 6 inches deep... We got our houses done before it said in:. We have is
comfortable quarters as we had on the Allegheny mountain. It appears to be more healthy
here than on the Allegheny Mountains. At least the health of the regiment is better now...
We go on picket once in eight days we go 10 miles. Our post are in sight of Port Royal. Our
whole regiment goes at a time and stage 3 days at a time. We have pickets 15 or 20 miles
along the Rappahannock River. We go on post right on the river bank. Sometimes can see
the Yankees riding and walking on the other side. Our reserve is left of about 1 mile and a
half in the rear. We have about 50 prisoners the guardhouse now and they are still coming
in. (Men who had been absent without leave.)-Kersh. Page 31.

The appeals for clothing continued to be answered throughout the winter. Harmon wrote his
hometown paper on March 6 thanking miss. E. T. Hangar and the Soldiers Aid Society of
Waynesboro for a barrel of socks and shirts. – Page 32.

The members of the 52nd showed their concern for the destitute citizens of Fredericksburg
who had been driven from their homes with only the cloths on their backs. Their homes lay
in ruins. They were living in the nearby woods in tents and cabins in this stressful
conditions. A member of the 52nd wrote to the vindicator that the officers and men of the
regiment had donated $439 toward their relief. Other Confederate units had done likewise. – Page 32

The brigade had moved closer to Fredericksburg during March. The regiment is a camp
above the road about 2 miles from Hamiltons crossing. – 32 Col. (extra Billy) Smith,
recovered from his wounds, was promoted to brigadier general and resume command of the
brigade. – Page 33

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