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 Posted: Thu Jan 23rd, 2014 10:37 pm
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Right w the only Liberty Mills I can find is in Indiana. The question is what side was he fighting on. Although North Carolina was a Confederate state during the war, there some units that fought for the North. Trying to look up Lambsville, NC I managed to find that Lambsville was located in Chatam county in 1895 ( That puts Lambsville in the Piedmont region, or central part of the state (may have to break out my old text book and see if there's a possibility of it being in the Piedmont Crescent). That's important in that it let's us look at both Federal and Confederate regiments raised in NC and where they might have been raised. If he fought for the North and was at Liberty Mills, Indiana September 30, 1863, then Camp of the 28th Det. may either have been a training camp or a POW camp (in which case he may have been a guard). If he fought for the South, then the camp was most likely a POW camp.

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