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 Posted: Wed Feb 12th, 2014 09:47 pm
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ser=2047]pamc153PA[/user] wrote:
However, when I think of grit and tenacity against the odds, I think of the Army of Tennessee.

I have the same sentiment. Tennessee provided more soldiers to the war per capita than any other state. In my humble opinion Tennesseans embodied a freeholder spirit greater than any plantation owner (nobody fell out from charges at Franklin). Of course it was mostly soldiers from Alabama and Mississippi, but given equal supply and numbers, in my humble opinion, their fighting ethos was unmatched.

Hood proved more reckless than even Lee at Gettysburg, and his men showed heart of a kind that still makes one bow his head. After Franklin, for all intents and purposes, it really was over. I am impressed that members here seem to care for history more than grinding axes. Knowledge of the past is a true faith, without window dressing or propaganda. Bravo for a most excellent thread.

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