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 Posted: Sun Mar 9th, 2014 03:16 am
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Just to get the ball rolling for you I did a search for Longstreet in the forums. Here's some of what I came up with:

martymtg wrote:
If you've read Longstreet's memoirs, he seems to put Grant on a higher pedestal than Lee.

You probably know of this story. There was a reunion of Confederate generals many years later. long after Lee had passed. There was a strong resentment in the south toward Longstreet (he was almost regarded as a traitor) because he was outspoken in his belief that Lee's decision to fight at Gettysburg, rather than head for Washington, cost the South the war.

Anyway, he's NOT invited to this affair. And amidst all the pageantry and backslapping, in strides Pete. He heads straight up the aisle, for a moment there's dead silence. Slowly applause begins, and it turns into full-scale cheers.

I wish I could remember where I read this.

Crazy Delawares wrote:
Yep! Read old Pete's memoirs. I believe he and Grant were friends before the war. I'm guessing all the way back to West Point...maybe. Either way, I be their conversation would be educational and entertaining.
Longstreet going to the reunion would be par for him. He was a bit...hardheaded shall we say? Longstreet is my favorite Reb general. I admire RE Lee but, like James Longstreet.

Texas Defender wrote:

There was also southern resentment of General Longstreet because he became a republican. :X

General Longstreet disagreed with General Lee at Gettysburg and on Gettysburg, but I don't think he ever lost his profound respect for General Lee. Longstreet's son, Robert Lee Longstreet, was born on 20 October 1863, which was AFTER Gettysburg. (Robert Lee Longstreet survived until 1940 and is buried at Arlington).

General Grant and General Longstreet were together at West Point for three years and became friends. When Grant and Longstreet were young lieutenants, Longstreet introduced his cousin, Julia Dent, to Grant. On August 22, 1848, Julia Dent became Mrs. Grant, and LT Longstreet was the best man at the wedding.

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