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 Posted: Sat Dec 9th, 2006 06:07 pm
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One version of where Thomas's nickname came from:

"Used by General Grant as a put-down during the Civil War but actually has its origin when Thomas was the cavalry instructor at West Point. The horses available at the Point in 1852 were very old and to keep the enthusiastic cadets from killing them, Thomas would shout 'Slow Trot, Slow Trot' to them during riding drill. Later when Robert E. Lee became Superintendent, Thomas was able to get better horses."

I must agree with those that have advanced the name of U.S. Grant. Hands down the most successful commander during the war. I simply refuse to buy into the lost cause sentiment that Lee lost because of lack of men and materiel rather than Grant's actions in the field. Baloney. From the Wilderness to the end of the war Robert E. Lee was moving backwards and Grant was advancing. The lack of men and materiel in the Confederacy were a direct result of Grant's actions as commander in chief. Preventing your enemy from reenforcing or rearming is the single most successful tactic in the history of warfare.

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