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 Posted: Wed May 21st, 2014 06:51 pm
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I don't know what that's like and I played Little League for two years. Never once rode my bike to practice or to a game. Of course that first year lived too far away for my folks to feel it was safe for me to ride my bike to practice or the games and the second year my dad was the coach and at the time we were literally living in a campground with my bike in storage at the time so it was a case of having to ride with him to practice and the games.

BHR62 wrote:
But to be fair to the current players they see different pitches nowadays. They don't see the same pitcher as often as the old timers did. So they can't get to know them as well. They play at night and travel from east to west coast. So there are pros and cons to today's baseball compared to the old time baseball.

To be fair, players like Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, Tris Speaker, Christy Matherson, etc. weren't facing the same pitches players were facing just a few short decades before they came onto the scene either. Nor were they pitching them. I was watching a Mysteries at the Museum not so long ago and they were talking about how the early pitchers were just there really to give the batters the ball they wanted. The catcher was yards behind the plate and the pitchers was supposed to pitch nice, gentle underhanded pitches to ensure a hit. And if they didn't get exactly the kind of pitch they wanted a batter could basically call a do over. Might as well have been playing T-ball. It was pitches like the curveball that started to change the game in those early years, and baseball officials did try outlawing the curveball as a dishonest pitch.

I certainly don't know enough about the early years of baseball to know just how true that is. But could you imagine folks like Ruth, Aaron, or Bonds could have done if the pitching had remained like that while everything else in the game slowly became like it is today?

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