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 Posted: Tue May 27th, 2014 05:35 pm
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I was reading the book of Lt.-Col. Freemantle last night (the red-coated Brit in the movie Gettysburg), and not having read it before, found fascinating many details he relates of mundane things, not to mention his experience at the battle. The observational tidbits of period behaviour witnessed by an outsider are absolutely unique.

How this guy got close to the Confederate leadership is a bloody mystery to me, but he did, and relates conversations with Lee and Longstreet. He obviously became an advocate for the South, but I do not overly doubt his honesty. I was just wondering if anyone may know what became of the flask he gave Longstreet after Pickett's charge. I like drinking artifacts, hope that one made it to a museum.

The book is a good read if you haven't (though you probably have, I am slow). Looking for outlandish Longstreet anecdotes isn't easy, but patience is a virtue.

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