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 Posted: Tue May 27th, 2014 08:24 pm
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I should have started a separate thread for Freemantle, but ... One of the most stunning things read:

"4th July, Saturday.--I was awoke at daylight by Moses complaining that his valuable trunk, containing much public money, had been stolen from our tent whilst we slept. After a search it was found in a wood hard by, broken open and minus the money. Dr. Barksdale had been robbed in the same manner exactly. This is evidently the work of those rascally stragglers, who shirk going under fire, plunder the natives, and will hereafter swagger as the heroes of Gettysburg."

Wow. Miscreants and thieves could not spare their brethren after the carnage of Day 3. Bottom-feeders have existed since the beginning of time, but still, wow.

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