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 Posted: Sun Dec 10th, 2006 04:30 am
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As a real close first to Bobby I would have to pick Tommy Jackson. Now here was a guy who I believe may have been a little insane and also fearless of battle and I think he may have even enjoyed the fighting. Lee knew how to control him and get the best out of him which made the Model Partnership. Had Tommy slipped the bullet that took his arm and the pnemonia that took his life who knows the American Flag may have had a similar resemblance to the Bars and Stars...

Must disagree, Johnny. The prevalence of the Union was never in doubt, it was simply a question of when. Jackson, alive, would have been present at the surrender, wherever it would have been. And he'd have had to offer his sword just like the rest of them. He might have been effective, but at the first gun at Sumter, it was, in fact, a lost cause.


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