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 Posted: Sun Dec 10th, 2006 10:20 am
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I'm so glad you felt as moved as I did watching the slide show.  The pictures taken from the top of the tower are just stunning.  Also the candles in the snow.  What could be more beautiful?

About volunteering to set out the candles at Antietam---

Last year, my first Luminary, I asked at the Visitors Center if they needed any help.  The answer was that there is a waiting list of several years for the priviliege.  This year some 1,200 volunteers worked all day, members of civic groups such as Sharpsburg Elementary School PTA, Boonsboro High School NHS, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Frederick County CW RT.  You get the idea.  (I copied those names from the printed program, not from memory.)  First they set out the candles in those magnificent straight lines.  Then, starting around 3:00, they begin lighting them.  The spectators have to wait outside the park until the job is done.

Your sister in Frederick may be a member of one of the volunteer groups.  Or knows someone who is.  With that connection, you might be able to be a "volunteer" volunteer, slip in the side door.  Last year I chatted for a moment with a volunteer from North Carolina who was visiting her sister, so yes, it can be done.

Wear warm clothes, it gets mighty cold out there on those open fields, especially if there is any breeze.

If you decide to come down from the Nutmeg State, let me know.  Maybe I can link up with you and your sister, and we can all be surprised at what we really look like.

double chin-grin ---> ((:


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