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 Posted: Mon Dec 11th, 2006 03:10 am
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Well Ole we will never really know of things that could or could not have been had Jackson remaind a fighting force in Lee's Army. Lincoln may have still been assasinated and it was no secret that the Northern people had all they wanted of the war because casualties were bearing in the high numbers and they wanted an end to it all either way. A victory at Gettysburg for the South may have been the straw that broke the camels back and the will of the Northern people to want to continue a fight that most of them saw as no gain for them. Other than the abolishonist most northerners could care less if the South had slaves or not and so is one of the reasons the Union Army at start had a low elan. They did not want to fight against or for slavery so the issue changed to fighting for the Preservation of the Union for these men although the Slavery issure was still at hand. It is true that the fight may have started as a lost cause anyway predicting that numbers alone in men and arms for the South would not be able to keep up with the north unless an outside power were to become involved. Lee knew he could not win the war on the battlefield alone because he was a smart enough General to see the big picture and thats why he took the fight to Pa. hoping to crack the back and will of the Northern people and hopefully gain a treaty with Washington to end the war. So as it may be

one man alone could change the course of the war. If no one agrees with that well then take a look at Grant and go into the what if's again. What if Lincoln had chosen

a different General to lead the Union instead of Grant..Well we could go on and on..

Hmmm. Talking about lost causes anybody been to Iraq lately?



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