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 Posted: Mon Aug 11th, 2014 06:52 pm
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I only have the barrel at this point. I have bought the solid furniture grade oak to build the truck for it. It is not very big, only 21 inches from muzzle to breech. with the knob on the breech. It weighs just under fifty pounds with a 1 1/2 inch or 33 mm bore. I found it at an estate sale a few weeks ago near Rock Island Illinois. Around the muzzle is marked F. P. F. and 1862 on the breech there are the letters P.H.A.W. in small punched markings. A very faint No. 1 that also appears to be cast on the breech. The muzzle lettering I believe was cast with the barrel or possibly etched and quite ornate, typical lettering for the period. It appears to be sound with only slight pitting in the bore and around the vent. X-rays show no cracks or casting flaws. It has seen service. The kind that may have been used on boats on the Mississippi, Missouri or Ohio rivers.
it is a cute little bugger. I'll have pictures when it is finished. Take Care, MJ

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