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 Posted: Mon Dec 11th, 2006 04:06 am
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Sickles is not one of my favorite Generals of the war. But I have to stick with the fact that his decision was based on not liking his position on lower ground and as a Corps commander he was responsible for his men and to give them what he believed to be the best fighting advantage. Should he have been brought up on charges for his move. You bet...He did make the move without the consent of the commanding General. Would have Meades left flank held had Sickles not made the move? Here I will totally disagree..Longstreet would have walked through Meades left flank had he not bolsterd it because of Sickles ill fated move. It almost collapsed with the reenforcements being sent in. Had that flank been hit with just the 3rd Corps trying to hold it reenforcements would not have come soon enough to relieve the pressure.

That does not leave Sickles off the hook and I agree that he created a mess for Meade but none the less it sure gave Dan at least one leg to stand on after the war in his own defense. He was not brought up on charges for his actions..Why?

This should have warrented a court martial at the least not a Medal of Honor.

I believe Meade did not push the issue due to the fact that the attack did strike there

and I am sure there was talk going around that Sickles may have saved the day for Meade..I am sure Meade wanted no part of a confrontation about who was right or wrong and clearly had his sights on how to win the battle. Meade was upset with Sickles move but was a good enough General to see he had to counter it swiftly.

Thus Sickles being out of action and the battle won for the Union Meade did not have to defend a loss or point fingers at anyone. Had the Union lost at Gettysburg I think you would have seen that Ol Dan would have had lash marks on his back and would have been the sole blame for the loss. So by the win Dan escaped the noose...


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