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 Posted: Fri Dec 22nd, 2006 05:44 am
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Coy wrote: We poor western theater fans.  Reading about the 'no casino' victory in the USA Today I see that the CWPT had classified Gettysburg as one of the countries most-endangered battlefields.  Give me a break....Gettysburg endangered, from what?  If the CWPT wants to see battlefields in danger why don't they look to Tennessee.  Look at Stones River/Murfreesboro.  How about Tullahoma?  Franklin?  CWPT needs to spread their fight.  Mobilize toward the west and save some western battlefields.  Gettysburg endangered? Indeed. SIGH



Kevin S. Coy


I could not have said it any better.  What is misleading about this whole casino issue is that where it was proposed to be built is not on historic ground, which seems to have been conveniently forgotten by those in the Preservation arena, and you know who I am talking about.

It's interesting to add that when we had our Muster out in Vicksburg, I don't recall anyone of the group visiting the many Casinos that are located there.  While I was not in favor of Casinos at Gettysburg, since this whole issue started it was a local issue, and as it turned out it was handled locally as it should.  When I think of the amount of money spent on this, it bothers me.

Hope all is well.

Regards from the Garden State,


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